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Blow Molding Machine Operation Manual

one.Bottle Blowing Machine Operation 1. Check the water level of the cold water tower, open the bottle cooling water pump.
2. View the water level of the cold water tank, open the mold cooling water pump
3. Open the high-pressure air compressor, open the cold and dry machine.
4. View the machine high-pressure pressure gauge, the pressure reaches 29 kg before opening the machine. After the manual origin to open automatically, see the machine is working properly. After all the normal press the \”heating start\” and \”blowing\” button.
5. After the light box reaches the set heating temperature, press the \”Enter button\”.
two. Quality adjustment
1 bottle was milky white white light box temperature is too high, according to adjust the corresponding white section of the lamp temperature.
2. The bottle is blue stretch white shows light box temperature is low, according to the white position of the corresponding section of the lamp temperature.
3. Bottle aggregate, increase the first layer of lamp temperature, or close the small bottle of cooling water outlet valve.
4 bottle deformation Description Bottle mouth temperature is too high, reduce the temperature of the first layer.
5. Bottom of the navel, pre-blowing delay is too high, to 0.01S units
6. Bottleneck thickening, pre-blowing delay time is too short to 0.01S increase the pre-blowing delay.
Production speed adjustment
Reduce the speed by increasing the exhaust time and increasing the saturated pressure time, while reducing the overall temperature of the light box, the overall increase in 0.1S light box temperature need to reduce 1%. Increase speed and reduce the speed of operation contrary. (Exhaust time minimum 0.8S, less than 0.8S behind will appear because the exhaust is not timely and jump bottle phenomenon) regardless of acceleration and deceleration are not too fast, each change up to 0.3S after a period of observation bottles Of the quality, quality and stability to the bottle after the speed.Each speed must carefully observe the bottle quality, at any time adjust the light box temperature. Bottle cycle time for each 0.1S change, bottle production per hour corresponding change of about 50, blowing machine according to the speed of the filling machine blowing speed of a reasonable adjustment.

Bottle Blowing Machine

Bottle Blowing Machine

Four common faults
1. Light box water channel high temperature alarm
Approach: open the waterway connecting the rubber tube, with low pressure gas and alcohol on the waterway purging, and cleaning.
2. Gripper troubleshooting: adjust the slide height, or jaw position. 3. Action stuck. Solution: Restart the machine. 4. Can not be manually origin approach: View shift a jaw, shift the two jaws and variable pitch positioning plate, whether the card to the appropriate location, if not, so that they manually card to the appropriate location, and then the origin.
5. Action is not in place treatment: check to see if something card. Adjust the gas flow valve 6. Exhaust sound sound processing methods: Check the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or fall off
7. Embryonic embryo uneven treatment approach: regulation embryo bucket position.

5. Routine maintenance 1. You can slide guide, once a day smear butter. 2. Die refueling nozzle, once a week.
3. Heating track, blowing orbital, see the situation drops of liquid lubricants. 4. Mold with a clean rag dipped in alcohol once a week scrub. Usually observe the bottle has no pitting of the pits and found the corresponding position after the mold to remove the mold adhesion.
5. Usually pay attention to blowing machine body, internal health and clean, to see the timely removal of stolen goods. 6. Pay more attention to moving parts of the screw, the location of electronic sensors, found loose or shift in time to tighten or correct. 7. Shut down the machine for a long time to close the intake valve. Such as rear maintenance equipment, food and so on. Long-term production line shutdown, to turn off the machine’s total power.

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