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Bottle blowing machine safety operation specification necessary knowledge

(1) for the parts before every flight must add lubricant (robots, robot guide, clamping guide)
(2) the swing arm (3, 4) add heating machine chain chain menstruation, heating machine, check the host reducer reducer host no lack of oil bearing in March

(3) prenatal check each shipment parts no no solid screw loose fall off special impact stronger belt department is no different
(4) check the high pressure air supply low pressure air supply water no
(5) check the scram shut door protection device to detect whether

Bottle blowing machine

(6) check heating into embryos up some work whether the embryo embryo an adjusting nut pressing device
(7) check the bulb no damage fracture and replacement
(8) to check the gas sensitive element no leakage for no
(9) check the triplet no leak no plugging water cup water stored not too full
(10) from the bottle blowing mechanical and electrical magnetic valve in different want and cleaning < 3.5 million cleaning > per bottle blowing

Bottle blowing machine works

Bottle blowing machine is mainly three types: squeeze bottle blowing machines, injection bottle blowing machine special structure bottle blowing machining process steps mainly two step two step two bottle blowing machine technology is mainly used for PETBOPP empty container type both characteristics are widely used compared two step more suited to production mold, blowing bottle; Step equipment is more suitable for beverage enterprise line production of bottle blowing machine blowing procedure mainly six steps: 1) the first embryo into the mould heating; 2) using the clamping cylinder mould of zobah tight; 3) with a high pressure or mechanical structure make embryos die locking; 4) high pressure blowing, with tensile cylinder make embryos die swell; 5) pressure blown gas, bottle embryo in accordance with the fabric and the holding set between; 6) have been reset type bottle of high pressure release cylinder – take a bottle
Bottle blowing gas equipment not chance travel application; Feeding, lock, stretching, high-pressure blowing \ deflated – take bottle series are made by gas assisted the tensile pressure blown gas deflated way according to the figure 2 shows me two pieces of pressure of high pressure gas path two

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