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Chinaplas is coming,Eceng Machinery to be ready

Chinaplas is coming,Eceng Machinery to be ready.
In order to feedback new and old customers, Eceng Machinery decided to introduce the lowest prehistoric, waiting for you!

The following models,you are very absolutely satisfied with the price .
2017 new one out of two, greatly reducing the size of Pet bottle blowing machine, the use of ruby lamp, the machine itself is used German high-end accessories,quality is trustworthy.

In addition to meet customer needs,this model is also equipped with jar type.Price reduction,but do not reduce configuration!

The new blowing machine is also Eceng mechanical hot models.Applicable to medium-sized enterprises.We will carry it to this exhibition.When you come, we’ll blow you at the scene.

There will be such a company, no matter where the customer comes, how the budget,just a wayward price.
Surprise a lot, as long as you come,you will absolutely satisfied with it.
More surprises in Zhangjiagang Eceng Machinery.

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