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Chinese PET bottle blowing machine industry needs to strengthen the breakthrough two breakthroughs

Although Chinese PET bottle blowing machine industry is facing many problems, but also faced with a huge domestic and foreign markets and better development opportunities. PET bottle blowing machine industry will be green, profit compression, brand sales, the quality of high-energy characteristics of the development. How to better focus on the “safe, healthy, environmentally friendly” purposes, the development of PET bottle blowing machine industry, enterprises need to consider the issue, deviate from the mainstream direction of the enterprise, and ultimately will gradually improve the market competition system to eliminate, in this regard, domestic enterprises should Actively keep up with the development of the mainstream industry, the development of customer demand for products, access to huge profits.
Chinese PET bottle blowing machine industry is currently in technology manufacturing and international well-known enterprises are very close, but in the field of brand awareness and related innovation is still a certain distance. For the domestic blow molding machine business, is also facing the industry restructuring and upgrading of the pain, how to quickly complete the upgrade, need to find a breakthrough point.

We believe that energy conservation is a very important breakthrough. At present, the energy has become the bottleneck of the development of society as a whole, how the PET bottle blowing machine in the production process, does not affect the original blowing efficiency and quality under the premise of doing so to reduce the use of energy sources for the production of plastic bottles, , It will win a lot of plastic bottle business favored. Such a blow molding machine will be directly to the plastic bottle business to bring the actual cost savings and profit promotion. Another breakthrough is, of course, the innovation of the PET bottle blowing machine products, according to the existing defects in the existing market of blow molding machines, through market research and research, to understand the needs of users, product improvement and innovation, become the industry leader, this is the competitiveness of the PET bottle blowing machine is the most effective means of promotion.
For PET bottle blowing machine business, around the energy saving, product innovation, the two major themes, down to earth, will soon get a return.

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