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Chinese PET Bottle Blowing Machine technology will be toward the “three” direction

All along, Chinese PET Bottle Blowing Machine are in Europe and the United States to follow the advanced PET Bottle Blowing Machine technology. After nearly a few decades of development, the domestic production of PET Bottle Blowing Machine has become a climate. The domestic blow molding machine market from Europe and the United States blowing machine business a dominance to the rival trend. But the continuous development of the number of enterprises to make the domestic market gradually saturated, go abroad to obtain foreign market share has become a blow molding machine business must go a way.

Europe and the United States market on the domestic PET Bottle Blowing Machine company, want to enter there is still a big difficulty, coupled with this year to Europe and the United States economic weakness, demand is not strong. While Africa, Arabia and South America and other emerging countries in the blow molding machine production technology with the domestic manufacturers have a greater technical gap. In addition, compared to Europe and the United States blowing machine company, the domestic manufacturers of the cost of blowing machine manufacturers also have an infinite advantage. It can be said that in these countries, domestic-made PET Bottle Blowing Machine is more in line with local needs.
The industry believes that the future of automatic blow molding machine industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, technology development will be carried out in three directions: First, the diversification of mechanical functions. Industrial and commercial commodities have become more refined and diversified, in the environment changes, diversified, flexible and has a variety of switching functions of the packaging machine can meet the market demand. Second, structural planning standardization, modularization. Make full use of the original model modular design, in a short time to convert new models. Third, intelligent control.

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