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Customers trust our Eceng Machinery

Customers trust our Eceng Machinery,The purchased equipment was sent to our factory directly, and let us help him to debug it.

The features of this machine:

A. with advanced PLC control system, performance is excellent.
B. has a strong penetrability and rotates through the bottle itself, making the flask all the heat in the preheating process.
C. is highly adaptable. By adjusting the spacing between the tube and the reflector, the bottle embryo can absorb heat sufficiently, and equipped with an automatic thermostat to keep the temperature in a certain range.
D. has a safety locking device in every mechanical action process, to protect the safety of the operator.
E. uses cylinder to replace hydraulic cylinder. It has small pollution and low noise.
F. uses different pressure to carry the bottle and machine running, energy saving and environmental protection.
G. equipped with high-pressure and double crank connecting rod locking, provide a high clamping force.
H. has two modes of operation, automatic and manual
I. safe, reliable, unique valve position design makes the bottle blowing process more manageable
J. low cost, high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to maintain and so on, advanced automatic process flow.
K. prevents the bottle from being contaminated
Protection of L. cryogenic cooling system
M. is easy to install and start
N.Low waste rate

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