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The development of two-step blowing PET bottle

The use of the two-step method to blow PET bottles is becoming more and more widespread. At present, not only are ordinary 600mL mineral water bottles used, but many medicinal bottles, oil bottles, and cosmetic bottles are also used more and more. This is mainly the quality of the bottle of PET bottle, the transparency of the bottle itself is good, and the two-step method of production has the advantages of low investment cost and high efficiency, plus PET non-toxic and tasteless, in line with the requirements of food hygiene. Recently, pure water bottles have also replaced the original PC bottles with PET bottles because using PET bottles can greatly reduce costs.

When the bottle is thin, the quality of the bottle embryo is also required to be higher and higher. Then not only the accuracy of the core is required to be high, but also the guidance requirements for the injection molding machine are high. The locking force applied after the molding must also be balanced. In order to avoid cracking the bottle mouth, it is necessary to eliminate the mechanical vibration before opening. For these two points, it will be very difficult for the elbow rod type injection molding machine to achieve, so many manufacturers of mineral water bottle embryos are already considering how to meet this challenge next year.

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