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Domestic development of bottle blowing machines need to advance from two aspects

Bottle blowing machine in our country enterprise more for small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of technical strength, lack of self-development capacity, it is difficult to realize the scale of the technology-intensive production, it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. So the personage inside course of study thinks, the industry reshuffle is inevitable, small businesses will be phased out in the competition and mergers.

Therefore, in the development process, the bottle blowing machine enterprises want to obtain long-term development must face these problems, to play their own advantages to grab market, industry and continue to strengthen technical innovation, so as to stabilize the market. Domestic bottle blowing machine industry should keep growing trend, try to keep advantage in the process of progress, improvement, continuously strengthen technical innovation, make the bottle blowing machine used more widely, in addition to speed up the industry internationalization path.

Bottle blowing machine

At present domestic bottle blowing machine has nearly 1000 enterprises, of which 300 home strength weak, facing closure and transfer of part of the manufacturer. At present, the domestic bottle blowing vendors would close between technical strength, mainly concentrated in the low-end of the production of bottle blowing machine. However, with the development of bottle blowing machine market, the development trend of domestic cannot have satisfied the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other enterprises for the demand of the modern production, domestic bottle blowing vendors would have to change.

However, the domestic some bottle blowing factory after decades of development, already have a certain scale, some production capacity is close to the European and American advanced level of bottle blowing machine production enterprises. For these companies, the future will focus on from the following two aspects to improve. The first aspect is one-step injection bottle blowing machine and bottle blowing machine, high speed rotation automation technology will be the main development direction of future bottle blowing machine, and the automation must also with other pharmaceutical machinery, beverage machinery equipment matching. The second aspect is the bottle blowing machine overall design ability, the enterprise must strengthen workshop between vehicle matching design ability, to adapt to the automation market demand in downstream.
We want to bottle blowing vendors would able to timely and effective according to the two direction to advance, only in this way can bottle blowing machines made in China in the future win more opportunity to go abroad.

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