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Eceng Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Features

Eceng Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine,specially designed for PET bottle production, the best choice for productions with big volume, high speed and full automation. Eceng adopts special design on the preheating system and servo driving system to enable it a big volume blowing, saving more than 50% power compared with similar machines by others, it is widely used in the package of edible oil, water with the volume 20L.

Eceng Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Features:
PET bottle blowing machine system: Create the high-pressure integration valve group, the single cavity productive capacity is increased by 60%.
Concentrated heating system: Patent light box provides an even temperature, lamp distance 101mm rather than 240mm from others and saves power by more than 50%.
Automatic PET Bottle making Machine stretching system: Use linear sliding track framework instead of linear bearing, which offers an outstanding improvement of stability.
Main transmission system: Adopt patent double strand roller chains technology, to assure the demands of stability and high speed.
Hydraulic mold clamping system replaces the traditional pneumatic clamping system, booster pressure from one side with 2 plates forming to assure the high clamping stability at a passing rate of 99.8%.

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