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Eceng Bottle Blowing Machine Company Got CSA Certificate, Hold Up The Test

This year, fortunately, it can be said to be a matter of course, welcomed the Canadian customer who not much in our past sales, after two parties detailed conversation and talking, they have ordered.
From us, then we started the preparatory work on non-stop.Purchasing department, looking for suppliers,make sure all the electrical components not only big components like servo motor but also very small components like switch, fuse, warning light all need have CSA certificate,also need make this CSA certificate shown on the product,which has some difficulty for us,design department, redesigning craft drawing of this machine and electrical diagram which because this order is not the standard machine, production department, required special parts to start processing fast.

CSA inspector comes, our engineer patiently listens to professional guidance, cooperate with the inspection work.
Eceng MachineryEceng Machinery
Each door on the Bottle Blowing Machine, we all have installed a lock, the greatest degree of assurance of the safety of machine and worker, make sure 100% no hidden danger.

Wiring according to Canadian standards, all motors are overloaded.
Over current protected, all the electrical components meeting the special requirements in Canada, also have CSA certificate on the product.
CSA certificate coming, not imagine such a very small label, but super Gold content, representing the excellent quality machine of Eceng company.Together with high standard technology and strict service, holding up The test, simultaneously, escorting customer for business, provide adequate safety assurance, I believe that customer choose our machine.
Will move towards a new level.

Eceng Machinery
Enough to believe, Eceng Bottle Blowing Machine, Eceng manufacturer, will be exported to every corner of the world.

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