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Eceng Fully Automatic PET Bottle Machine

Recently,Eceng mechanical 15000BPH filling line for the test machine, the initial effect is also good, and we share it with you.
A Six Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine ready to go. Shine in the sun.

Hot orders so that the shop looks slightly bloated, we engineers carefully planning, developed the entire test area, then the next step is to roll up the sleeves dry.

Early test, looks pretty good oh.

The whole line,always have more steps, from the blowing – filling – sets of standard – packaging, the whole work has a strict request, need to carefully confirm.

The whole line is not only the test of technology and time, more importantly, the spirit of craftsmen, in a waterline, a screw can not tolerate the effect, are pulling a mobilization of the existence of the body. Eceng Fully automatic pet bottle machine always believed that the Secretary has to do the best, small screws are well confirmed, so that our technology and craftsmen to become our best business card!

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