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Eceng Machinery Has Been Big Successful In This Summer,Out Of The Country,Walk Into The World

Summer, circle of friends are basking in the high temperature, the temperature was over 40, and the corresponding is that each feather adult passion. The arrival of the peak season, let us not dare to slack off, this does not, your colleagues clear division of labor, is about to embark on the exhibition journey.
First station, familiar with Vietnam, say familiar, because it is Eceng bottle blowing machinery second time to participate in the exhibition in Vietnam this year, due to policy and the international situation changes, the Southeast Asian market become competitive, in the service of our old customers, develop new markets of the mind,the exhibition has demonstrated the new bottle blowing machine and other machines, a warm welcome to Hu Zhiming city friends come and have a sit.

Eceng Bottle Blowing Machine

Second station, the beauty of the jordan. After so many years of hard work, Eceng bottle making machine company has formed a good brand name gradually in Arabia, and this time is with our Jordan customers attend exhibition together, we believe that professional services, quality of service will leave a good reputation in the land of Arabia.
The exposition has just ended, the German Drinktec exhibition debut, Drinktec brings together professional buyers and manufacturers all over the world, we also hope to promote trade exchanges, and customers better in face-to-face communication, we will also show a new machine on the spot, welcome to visit !
The last one is Guangxi ASEAN Expo, the exhibition has been in China and overseas Chinese and Asian countries near the bridge of communication, our company has been keeping this close trade and landlocked countries in Asia, will deepen cooperation with them on this show.

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Eceng machiney will not stop busy footsteps, just for your come.

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