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Eceng Machinery Plastic Water Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Eceng Machinery is specialized in providing you with plastic water automatic PET bottle blow molding machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow moulding machine . PET bottle blow moulding machine has two cavities to six cavities and the maximum volume of the products is 2000ml. PET bottle blow molding machine speed is 1250 bottles per hour per cavity (based on the 500ml bottle).

Features of Plastic Water Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine :
1.High safety: No body injury hidden danger, PET bottle blow molding machine avoids the danger of manual bottle taking, reduce the lost caused by accident, and increase productivity.
2.High speed and efficiency: adopts to high speed precision servo motor to control the pathway running.
3.Stable performance: adopts to SIEMENS man machine touch screen computer control system, which has the advantage of accurate, fast and stable. The structure is simple, heater and machine main part connected with slide way one body type, which is simple and easy to maintain
4.Easy to operate by using full automatic human-machine interface. PET bottle blowing machineruns smoothly at very high speed.
5.Every part of the whole machine is selected properly and treated precisely.
6. PET bottle blowing machine adopts advanced intermittent preform loading system.

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