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Eceng Machinery talk about the PET material

Talk about the topic of plastic,I believe we will not be unfamiliar,every day we come into contact with all kinds of the plastic products.small as mineral water bottles,medicine bottles,big as industrial barrels,electric toys and so on.They are all kinds of plastic materials,such as PE,PP,PS,PET,and etc,today and Eceng PET Bottle Blowing Machine company will have a talk about the material PET.
PET plastic is a new type of plastic with good optical properties and stability.Its full name is called Polyethylene terephthalate,which belongs to ester.Due to the large strength of the PET material, good transparency, non-toxic,low price and other advantages,is widely used in the food and beverage industry,such as mineral water bottles,carbonated beverage bottles,are made of PET.

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Specific characteristics of PET materials:
1,Has a super high plasticity,the highest plastic material.
2,Heat resistance is very strong,even at the temperature of 250 degrees,can also be maintained almost undisturbed.
3,Excellent waterproof,make sure that no leakage,etc.
4,Recyclable,and stable chemical properties.
With these excellent properties of PET materials,may also be developed for a wider range of uses.We will gradually come into contact with more PET plastic products,let us look forward to it.

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