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Eceng Machinery Year-end return visit

Unconsciously,a year passed quickly.After Christmas Eve and Christmas,the New Year’s day and Spring Festival holiday is not far away.
The end of the year is coming,in order to provide our customers with better service,but also to understand the use of our machines sold this year.Our boss and engineers start a week of customer visits.

After flying for dozens of hours,our boss and engineer arrived at the first customer’s factory.The PET Bottle Blowing Machine comes to the eyes.As before,our engineers check every parts of machine and ask the customer about the machine use situation.
Through conversation,the customer is quite satisfied about our PET Bottle blowing machine,and ready to purchase another one.This also gives us a greater confidence.
The next few days,they will visit other customers.Our ultimate goal is to make customers buy satisfaction and use happily.

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