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The company since its establishment in Western Europe public fusion technology, professional design and production of more than 40 kinds of specifications and types of bottle blowing machine, plastic bottle blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machine, PET automatic bottle blowing machine, semi automatic PET bottle blowing machine, blow molding machine and all kinds of cold and hot runner injection mould, blow moulding mould, bottle blowing die,. The machine is suitable for plastic bottles, barrels of water production from 5 ml to 50 litres, medical packaging bottles. According to the needs of our configuration from a single chamber to the 8 chamber, from hundreds of bottles per hour to PET per hour 20000 bottle blowing machines, and provide a full range of production, from the bottle blowing bottle, filling to the whole production system the final package, to provide the entire plant supporting projects, in the long-term work we have accumulated rich experience, we are willing to provide high-quality solutions to experience our enthusiasm for the new and old customers, contribute to your career.
Feathering machinery is constantly seeking new changes in technology, and always welcomes the arrival of friends from all walks of life with high quality products.

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