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Eceng PET Bottle blowing machine engineers feelings

In this family,Eceng Machinery,is full of warmth.There are many engineers have their own feelings,the following is an engineer’s inner feelings.
To the last month of the lunar calendar,there are just two weeks,we have been looking forward to a long holiday is coming,think about a little excited.I have been running for a year,I can finally be reunited with my family during the spring festival.

Pet bottle making machine

PET Bottle blowing machine

These years in the outside,most of the time I sour,sweet,bitter,hot,swallow in the stomach.No matter how busy and tired at work,think of my families far away from home,in order to make them own better lives.There is hope in my heart,all the pain even is nothing.
Now the work,let me feel busy but very substantial.Here,I met a lot of friends, with their company,work is no longer boring.Growing day by day,I finally became the backbone of the Eceng PET Bottle Blowing Machine company’s elite.I am more and more motivated,I began to find myself ever closer to the dream.Because I always believe that bread and milk will eventually be.
The new year,I have a small wish,in addition to looking forward to the factory is getting better and better,but also hope that I can spend more time with my family. Because the family always the most warm harbor.

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