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Eceng PET bottle blowing machine into Thailand

In the first week of 2017,Eceng experienced the first PET bottle blowing machine sending.It also benefited from the business of our customers in Thailand,just after the new year,they rushed to contact us for delivery,to prepare for the arrival of the hot sale season.
Before shipment,our engineers gave this automatic PET this four cavity bottle blowing machine a careful inspection and cleaning,to ensure the machine screws tightened and to ensure each parts.In order to prevent mold and axes corrosion,we secretary brush anti rust oil for the corresponding parts,make the bottle machine safely go through the journey across the seas.

In order to avoid errors.For each side of the mold,we have to open to check the bottle and whether the mold damage,and after the check ,it can be packaged.

When the goods being sent,engineers will turn bottle blowing machine and auxiliary equipment and ordered by customers into the container,and after the checking,they will close the car.

It is estimated that 10 days after,the bottle blowing machine can reach to the buyer. Let us wait,after the completion of the customer factory installation and commissioning and also the machine start to produce,and then I will bring follow-up reports to you.

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