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Eceng PET Bottle Blowing Machine

PET Bottle Blowing Machine, What is PET Bottle Blowing Machine? Simply speaking is the machine that blows the bottle, that is, the bottle will be done through a certain means of blowing into the bottle of the machine. Now, both in daily life, or in industry, we have been inseparable from the use of plastic bottles. However, the emergence of plastic bottles, but also inseparable from the blow molding machine. Nowadays, the commonly used PET material is environmentally friendly plastic.
There are many types of blow molding machines, Zhangjiagang Eceng Machinery Co., Ltd. professional design and production of more than 40 kinds of specifications models of PET bottle blowing machine,PET bottle machine,PET bottle making machine,PET blow molding machine and mould and so on. Eceng blow molding machine for the production of plastic bottles, oil bottles, drinking bucket and so on.

PET Bottle Blowing machine blowing process mainly in the following steps: First, the need to put the heated preforms in the mold, the use of mold clamping cylinder lock the mold, the use of high-pressure machinery to make the embryo mold lock; Blowing, while stretching the cylinder action to expand the embryo mold, in the high-pressure blowing, so that the embryo to rely on mold molding, and pressure for some time; finally the bottle has been high pressure release, the cylinder reset, and finally take the bottle.

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