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Eceng Semi automatic bottle blowing machine

At present, the equipment used in the beverage industry is mainly composed of the automatic bottle blowing machine and the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.In comparison,automatic bottle blowing machine production efficiency, but the price is more expensive, and also need for regular maintenance. So for those who do not have much money on hand, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has become their love.
Here is a brief introduction to our company’s production of semi-automatic bottle blowing machine YC series.

YC series semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is mainly composed of an oven and a bottle blowing machine. The inner part of the oven is driven by a gear, so that the bottle embryo placed on the track can rotate and move along the track in the oven. There are usually 8 lamps in the oven, which can adjust the hardness of the bottle embryo by adjusting the temperature of the lamp tube in the lamp box. At this time, put soften preform into our mold, gently press the bottle blowing mold closing switch, the preform will be stretched and blowed, a few seconds after the mold opening, we can take a bottle.

On the whole, the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, moderate output and relatively low price. In addition, for a lot of special-shaped bottles, can easily get. Under consideration, for the production requirements are not particularly high customers, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is worth starting.

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