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Expanding the future path of PET bottle blowing machine industry

With the development of cold aseptic filling technology, a new round of the PET bottle blowing machine market competition will be kicked off. Chinese domestic bottle blowing machine technology, from imitation to innovation and beyond, is in constant progress. Because of the current global economic downturn, the European Union, the United States and Japan are even stagnating. For the moment, economic strength comes from developing countries and emerging economies.

At present, there are only two roads to expand the market for the PET bottle blowing machine.
1、Consolidate the domestic PET bottle blowing machine market, the use of foreign technology, continuous improvement and expand the size of PET blow molding machine. But because of fierce competition, the benefits are not ideal.
2、Go out of the country and head to the world.The global economic downturn, but can take the road of developing countries.PET bottle blowing machines are labor-intensive industries, Southeast Asia, Africa, the United States, Latin America, the labor cost more advantages. The development of these areas of the blow molding machine market has more potential and is worth the attention of the blow molding machine manufacturer.

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