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What is a fully automatic high speed bottle blowing machine?

The main features of the automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine blowing machine:

1, the bottle blowing machine adopts a fully automatic transmission bottle billet control method, for the enterprise to reduce personnel, reduce costs, improve quality, increase profits.

2, the bottle blowing machine adopts the imported human-machine interface control program, which has the advantages of stable performance and simple operation.

3, test components selected imported components, control accuracy is high, the response is fast.

4, the use of imported reverse osmosis heating outside the beacon tube, strong penetration, heating uniform, reflector width, height can be adjusted, can be suitable for different structures of the bottle billet heating.

5, with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment function.

6, choose Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, pneumatic components, with high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable.

7,Air road design: The action and blowing air are divided into two parts to meet the needs of blowing bottles and different air pressures, and to achieve high-pressure blowing products.

8, unique die closing structure, strong locking force, smooth movement, fast opening and closing die, easy to install, easy to replace.

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