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PET Bottle Blowing Machine Blow molding problem and Solution

In the PET Bottle Blowing Machine industry,a good bottle is usually determined by many factors. For example: the nature of the material,the structure of the bottle embryo,embryo injection process,blowing mold,bottle blowing equipment,blowing process, and other decisions.

Here are a few examples of common blowing problems.During the bottle blowing process,the bottle did not blow to the shape and also not broken.This may be the preform temperature is too low or blowing wind is too small.At this point we need to increase the temperature of the lamp tube and increase the air volume. Bottom blowing bad.This may be the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is too high,we need to properly reduce the heating temperature of the bottom of the bottle embryo.Bottle turbidity.In this case,it is usually because the heating temperature is too high,resulting in recrystallization.At this situation,we need to reduce the temperature,if it not work,we must consider the replacement of materials.
In the actual debugging process,when we encounter the problem of blow molding,we need to consider the above factors,and with reasonable analysis,through the appropriate adjustment,the problem can be fully cracked.

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