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PET Bottle Blowing Machine localization is the only way for the development of the industry

The quality of the blowing equipment determines the final molding effect of the plastic bottle, especially the sealing and so on. Domestic high-end blowing equipment is very scarce, and the high price of imported equipment also greatly increased the production costs of related enterprises.
The United States has always been a plastic machinery manufacturing giant, accounting for about 24% of the world market share, followed by Germany and Japan. Although China is a large demand for medicinal plastic bottles, but the level of manufacturing, especially high-end blow molding machine production capacity is still relatively backward.
Insiders pointed out that the industrial requirements of medicinal plastic bottles is very high, light, high strength, easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture, health, after a molding can be without cleaning, drying can be used directly for drug packaging. The competitive advantage of the US plastic PET Bottle Blowing Machine in the world lies in the high reliability, flexibility and safety of the machine itself, as well as the use of cost and reliability services.

Experts pointed out that the current domestic production of PET bottles for the injection of blowing equipment is basically the world’s imports of products, especially in high-speed and large-volume production of products, domestic equipment can not compete. It is worth mentioning that the current production of large-capacity PET Bottle Blowing Machine manufacturers rarely, it seems that only the ASB’s multiple blowing process to obtain a satisfactory effect. Domestic equipment need to improve product quality and technical level.
Domestic enterprises to accelerate the United States and other advanced countries to learn technology, and constantly strengthen the sense of quality and quality management, and international standards or industrial developed countries to adapt to the national standard product quality index system, while strengthening the ability to enhance independent innovation, to achieve domestic blowing Bottle equipment made.

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