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PET Bottle Blowing Machine——No place placed orders

Busy has become the main theme of the 2016 feathers,and especially now the year to the end of the year,customers are calling reminder, where is my machine? I need it urgently, please ship it very very soon. So the workshop becomes so crowded.

“Customer is God”, no matter how hard it can only overcome, before Christmas there are 7,8 machines to ship,in order to ship on time,Eceng company put the auxiliary machine in place first,the machine 24 hours of operation,before leaving the factory Check if there are any problems.Auxiliary machine can only be stacked,the office door to stack a door to stay out of the workshop to find individuals like shopping market.

Semi-automatic blowing machine would like to test machine,you have to pass through the “barriers” in the corner of the corner of the silent test machine,simply go across the sea to test machine,here,really have to debug the workshop master a point praise,the real Warriors To face the crowded environment,blowing out the most sophisticated bottle.

But Christmas is only a node,the battle is far from over,the new machine soon baked,and test machine loading inspection,step and ultimately.Looked at the new baked rack,could not help but sigh this is an arduous “war”!

Busy,the total feeling 2016 flies particularly fast,non-stop,ran the year ran quickly passed.Can only be full of spirit,pay close attention to the last month,smiled and said goodbye to the 2016.

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PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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