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PET Bottle Blowing Machine operation points

1、Before the PET Bottle Blowing Machine is switched on, it is necessary to add lubricant to each moving part.
2、Swing arm can be (3-4) days plus time, heating machine chain, small chain can be a month once. Often check the main reducer, heating machine is no shortage of oil. Host bearings can be added once every 3 months.
3、Before the production of the movement of the parts are solid, the screw is loose off, especially the strong impact of the local transmission part whether is abnormal.
4、Check the high pressure air supply, low pressure air supply, power supply, water supply whether it is normal.
5、Check the emergency stop switch, safety door switch, protection device detection switch whether is normal.
6、Check whether the lamp is damaged or broken. To be replaced in time.
7、Check the heating head into the embryo, off the part of the work is normal
8、Check whether the pneumatic components are leaked, the action is sensitive
9、Check whether the triple valve body is abnormal leakage, whether blocked, water cup is too full water storage.
10、PET Bottle Blowing Machine solenoid valve in case of abnormal, to timely cleaning.
11、The blow mold must be cleaned and cleaned regularly.

12、Open the high and low pressure air switch must be slow to prevent the air flow rate too fast dirt blown into the solenoid valve, while opening the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air clean.
13、PET Bottle Blowing Machine must be sure that the mechanical part is good, no foreign body. Especially the movement position, so as not to hurt. While closing the security door.
14、Start the machine must first start the heating machine to prevent voltage fluctuations. Before starting the heating, make sure that the cooling water is not open.
15、After heating start (2-3) minutes, wait until the oven temperature rises evenly before the next embryo.
16、PET Bottle Blowing Machine during the operation, the blower put blank and take the bottle, pay attention to safety. It is forbidden to reach into the mold.
17、In case of emergency, you can press the emergency stop button, emergency brake. And then according to the scene analysis of the reasons for the formation of the problem to find a quick solution.
18、PET Bottle Blowing Machine operation must pay close attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise, to do early detection, timely early solution.
19、PET Bottle Blowing Machine after the normal operation of any part of the body do not extend into the machine to avoid manipulator wounding, such as the machine must be slow to observe the abnormal.
20、PET Bottle Blowing Machine after the normal production, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle, so as to avoid fluctuations in voltage or other reasons affect the quality of the blown.
21、PET Bottle Blowing Machine repair, you can touch the screen failure repair button to ensure safe maintenance. If you need to manually observe the movement of each cavity alone, please note the position of the robot arm. At the same time, be sure to clear the role of a separate button, and then action to ensure that malfunction caused unnecessary trouble.
22、PET Bottle Blowing Machine after each repair, we must clean up tools and screws and the like, so as not to be left in the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine to avoid accidents.

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