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PET Bottle Blowing Machine troubleshooting tips

PET bottle blowing machine is a mechanical, electronic control, hydraulic integration crystallization, electrical complex, oil pipeline crossing buildings, all kinds of fault phenomena is the controller, all sorts of strange things, each are not identical. Large PET bottle blowing machine has only tens of thousands of components, if one component fails, it will cause the PET bottle blowing machine is not a normal phenomenon, and wire connection, a little carelessness will be a problem, plus the bottle blowing machine of large bulky PET, without the use of thermostatic bottle blowing workshop conditions the influence of environment, can easily lead to failure. To this end, imported PET bottle blowing machine maintenance difficult problem is put in front of us.
How can quickly identify faults, hidden dangers, and timely exclusion? I think we should have a high sense of responsibility; second, we should work hard to master CNC hydraulic technology, the practice of bottle blowing machine for many years maintenance PET think to see more and ask more and more, think more, and more practice, gradually improve their technical level and maintenance ability, can adapt to all kinds of complicated situation, to solve the difficulties fix the problem, PET bottle blowing machine.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

1 to see more PET bottle blowing machine electronic circuit information
Want to see more, to understand the characteristics and functions of various PET bottle blowing machine, electronic circuit system and PC PLC PLC; to understand the PET bottle blowing machine electronic alarm system and troubleshooting; to understand PC, PLCPET blow bottle machine set parameter meaning; to understand PC and PLC programming language; to understand the method of PET bottle blowing machine programming; to understand the control panel PET blow bottle machine operation and the contents of the menu, see how often a lot of data,? I think the main focus, clarify the sequence of events, the key is to grasp the spirit of PET blow molding machine controller structure, control block diagram. The rest can be “tours” and read, but the content of each part with emphasis to understand and grasp. Because the PET bottle blowing machine controller internal circuit diagram is quite complex, and manufacturers do not provide. So don’t have to figure it out in detail. To focus on the role of each part, the function of the board, the whereabouts of the interface, the meaning of LED lights, etc.. Now PET bottle blowing machine controller model, update fast, different manufacturers, different models are often different. To understand its generality and individuality.
2 to see more PET bottle blowing machine electrical diagram, digest PET bottle blowing machine electrical diagram
For each of the electrical components, such as: contactor, relay, time relay, as well as PC, PLC input, output, to be marked on the electrical diagram.
3 to see more PET bottle blowing machine hydraulic diagram, and in-depth digestion
For the PET bottle blowing machine, hydraulic diagram, to understand its function and sequence of events. And one by one to indicate on the drawings, such as the lock mode is made by which solenoid valve action? Corresponding to the PC, PLC output, input is which a few? As stated in the figure, so from the electrical mechanical action to a pole in the end, at the same time, especially for electric machine, more closely related to focus on understanding, now PET bottle blowing machine using the electro-hydraulic proportional technique, should focus on understanding the role and function, especially to understand the adjustment method and adjust the data, the current pressure proportional valve the pump and the corresponding static and dynamic, can understand and understand electrical machine, mechanical and electrical integration, master a variety of skills, such as the ability to solve problems.

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