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PET bottle blows all kinds of bottle display

The function of PET bottle blowing machine:
PET bottle blowing machine for blow carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, space cup, bottle, hollow plastic containers (PET.PC…… )
Infrared multifunctional plastic bottle blank heater power 380V three-phase four wire power supply (also available 220V power supply), PET bottle blowing machine is divided into seven layers of heating tube, divided into four heating zones, control components of the electrical box heating, warm-up time to 5-8 minutes, the temperature by thermocouple automatic temperature control. To the temperature controller, the temperature control of infrared heating is stable, strong penetrating power and uniform heating. Fast and reliable, to ensure the heating effect of preform has ideal, put the bottle blank heating cycle ring production, according to the specific temperature bottle forming need to be adjusted.

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