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Production determines the type of bottle blowing machine

The manufacturing equipment used in food and pharmaceutical fields is mainly blank casting machine, bottle blowing machine and injection molding machine. It is used for producing PET bottles and caps. The selection of such equipment is mainly based on the scale and form of production, generally smaller production enterprises just choose the blower, purchase finished products of the bottle blank and cap. If the volume of production is large, the bottle blank and bottle cap can be considered properly. Bottle blowing machine according to the current product form there are three main forms, one is semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, its production capacity is low, equipment investment is small, the replacement of bottle mold is more convenient, but the quality of bottle blowing is general. The second type is a straight-line full-automatic bottle blowing machine, with moderate production capacity, moderate equipment investment, good quality of bottle blowing, suitable for medium-sized enterprises. The third kind is rotary full-automatic bottle blowing machine, which has a large production capacity and good quality, but the equipment investment is large, suitable for large-scale production enterprises to choose.

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