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Q6000 Detail introduction of full automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Q series linear bottle blowing machine for hot filling bottles, PET bottles, soda beverage bottles, edible oil bottle, pesticide bottle production. Feather into Q series linear mechanical bottle blowing machine through the servo motor control rod tensile stretch bottle embryo. The advantage is that it can be piecewise stretching, the advanced row of the bottle is positioned to ensure the perpendicularity of the drawing of the bottle embryo, and then two times. Ensure the uniformity and consistency of the drawing of each bottle. At the same time, the pulling speed of the bottle blowing machine is fast and the position is accurate.

Q series linear blow molding machine adopts servo control system. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable structure, high speed and stability, simple maintenance, flexible and convenient mould matching, and so on, which can meet the needs of online continuous production. The Q series linear bottle blowing machine is controlled by the microcomputer touch screen and the temperature adjustment, so that the temperature adjustment of the different bottle type of the blow molding is simple. It has a servo transmission system with high positioning precision, fast and stable reliability, no gas source saving energy and low maintenance cost of high speed bottle blowing machine.

Automatic feeding machine for working efficiency, transportation is accurate, durable and reliable quality, and in the process of feeding raw materials without moisture, without pollution, without foreign bodies, no leakage, transported from the realization of the feeding process, to avoid the risk of aerial feeding, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency is a modern enterprise, civilized production is one of the essential.

The new mold closing system has been upgraded on the original basis, which improves the speed of mold closing, and makes new breakthroughs in production, and greatly reduces the noise of mold closing.

Using infrared heating lamps, strong penetration, embryoheated while rotation, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable; in the heating zone, lamp reflector width and height can be adjusted by heating, suitable for different structure of the preform, and automatic exhaust temperature device to ensure constant temperature oven.

Q6000 bottle blowing machine adopts advanced micro computer PLC control system, and its performance is stable. The servo transmission system has high positioning precision, fast stability and reliability.

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