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Full automatic PET cooking flask machine

Edible oil PET bottle blowing machine has a maximum of 4 cavities, single cavity can produce a maximum of 5 liters of PET bottles and edible oil bottles. This edible oil PET bottle blowing machine can also blow other 2L or more large-capacity plastic packaging bottles,such as carbonated beverage bottles, middle and low temperature filling juice beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles and other plastic bottles blow molding.

PET oil bottle blowing machine features:

  1. PET bottle blowing machine is highly automatic;
  2. Highly efficient
  3. Stable preform heating system and efficient blowing system;
  4. High-output, high-speed flow production;
  5. Bottle without pollution during PET bottle blowing machine blowing process;
  6. The series PET bottle blowing machine is highly energy-saving;
  7. PET bottle blowing machine is easy to maintain, safe to operate,very low noise;

项目 YCQ-5L-1
瓶型规格 模腔数 1
产量 700-800
瓶子最大容量 5L
瓶口最大外径 150mm
瓶身最大直径 180mm
瓶身最大高度 400mm
电力规格 灯管数量 32pcs
灯管功率 1KW
最大加热功率 32KW
机器安装总电力 35KW
实际消耗电力 24.5KW
空压规格 工作压力 7-9kg/cm2
低压耗气量 1200L/min
吹瓶压力 25-35kg/cm2
高压耗气量 2000-2500Ltr/min
冷冻水规格 工作压力 5-6kg/cm2
温度范围 10℃
消耗量 4000kcal/hr
冷冻水流量 30L/min
机器规格 机器尺寸 2.4×1.5×1.7
机器重量 2ton

Auto-loader improves working efficiency,accurate transportation,reliable and durable,raw materials are completely free of moisture,pollution,foreign matter, and loss during feeding process.Realize transportation process of feeding process, avoid danger of high-altitude feeding, reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency.

Adopt infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, preform rotation heating, track revolution, heating evenly, fast and reliable; heating lamp,reflector width and height can be adjusted to suit preform heating of different structure,with automatic temperature-removal device to ensure the constant temperature of oven.

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