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Team Work Together to Create Artisan Spirit

Time flies,hot season has past,autumn is coming,the weather getting more and more cooler,the backlog of orders which preciously delay because of weather reason is production in order,even overtime operating,in order to not affect each customer.upon this,the plant is suddenly much more lively than usual,designing,assembly,testing,packaging,deliverying,every part is busy but orderly.
Artisan spirit,been always kept in the mind of ECENG workers,which means not only a spirit,but a attitude,a faith,a power,this spirit and power let us self-demanding while deal with everything in our posts, meticulous,serious and responsible,even can forming a certripetal force,with the result of both self-realization and enterprise develop together.
Assembly team,focus on detailed,standardization,serial production,more and more strict on precision of parts,so that each link can be linked just correctly,bottle blowing machine is more stable and durable.

Bottle Blowing Machine

Testing team,pay more attention at details,pursue perfection,checking with each part of each bottle after blowing bottle,even a little defect,can’t wait to modify temperature,modify parameter,modify accessories,testing every appearance problems,finding the way of solving,accumulated rich experience,provide technical support to customers.

Eceng Machinery

Sales team,from research customer,talking with customer,have order with customer,tracking with order,shipping order,always keep seriously,professionaly attitude,at the same time,for ourselves,continue to study,open up the horizon,innovate thinking,accumulated experience,combine learning business with communication skills,never stop the pace of self-promotion,try the best to improve.

Bottle Blowing Machine

Blow Molding Machine

Believe the power of team,Believe the power of ECENG,we are continually working on it!

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