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The Advantages of Eceng Linear PET Bottle Blow Machine

With the rapid development of the beverage packaging market,PET materials gradually used in the beverage machinery,Just like a new force suddenly rises,it becomes the majority of domestic manufacturers competing for the reason.In the market,there are usually two types of rotary and linear PET Bottle Blowing Machine,they are both using the method of two steps to complete the process of blowing.However,due to the high price of rotary bottle blowing machine,although the output is very high,but the general small and medium manufacturers are hard to afford,so for them,the straight bottle blowing machine has become a good choice.

Below we will briefly introduce the linear PET Bottle Blowing Machine.The bottle blowing machine is driven by a servo motor, and is also driven by a chain. The perform put in the hopper is driven by the automatic feeding machine, and is transported to the entrance of the machine. The track is automatically controlled by a servo motor, and at the same time,the preform is driven by a chain.After passing through several light boxes,the preformt is well heated and softened.When it comes to the mold, the stretching device enables the preform to be longitudinally stretched. Then,the perform in the mold will have the pre blow and high blow, stereotypes into a bottle. After the mold is opened,the bottle is removed by the manipulator, and the whole process is fully automated,so as to achieve the goal of high efficiency and low energy consumption.At the same time,straight line type bottle blowing machine or for many complex bottles,wide mouth,bottles with handles,can all get.

The above is the main point of the linear bottle blowing machine,seemingly simple a small bottle,which is hidden in such a big mystery.After reading this brief introduction,you may understand the process of blowing the bottle.

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