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The blowing principle of Eceng PET bottle blowing machine

Now most of the blowing machine is still a two-step blowing machine, that is necessary to make the plastic raw materials made of preforms, and then blown. Today is commonly used PET material of environmentally friendly plastic.
The blowing principle of Eceng PET bottle blowing machine

PET bottle blowing machine blowing process is divided into two parts:
1. Preheat: The veneer through the infrared high-temperature lamp shine, the embryo embryo body some heating softening, in order to adhere to the bottle shape, the embryo mouth is not required to heat, and thus require a certain cooling device to its cooling operation.
2. Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding: This period is to put the pre-heated preforms into the blow mold that is now ready for high pressure inflation. Blow the preform into the desired bottle. PET bottle blowing machine through the operation of the worker will blow the two operations together at the end, eliminating the center of the artificial preheated preform into the blow molding process. Greatly speeding up the production rate.

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