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The main features of Eceng plastic bottle blowing machine

In our daily life, the number of plastic bottles used gradually increased, not only in our drink when the need to use plastic bottles, in other industries and fields will also use a lot of plastic bottles or plastic containers. Plastic containers are not only light weight, and easy to carry, has been widely used by people.These plastic containers are made by blowing with a bottle blowing machine, mainly through the use of plastic particles or do the preform, etc., after a certain process to blow into the shape of the bottle needed by people , so that people can be widely used in life or other areas.The main features of Eceng plastic bottle blowing machine are:
1、Blowing equipment using advanced microcomputer PLC control system, stable performance;
2、Plastic bottle blowing machine is mainly used in oil-free balloon clamping technology to produce plastic bottles and plastic containers, not only clamping force, and the elbow run into less force, long life, but also used to fly out of the patented technology, So that the plastic container has a better sealing performance;

3、Plastic bottle blowing machine with infrared lamp heating, penetrating power, preform rotation heat, orbital revolution, heating evenly, fast and reliable;
4、Safe and reliable unique valve design, but also to make the gas path at a glance;
5、Production process all automated completion, with investment in the province, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance, security and other advantages;
6、The bottle is free from contamination;
7、Installation, start simple.

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