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The market advantage of bottle blowing machine

Zhangjiagang Eceng Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide you with Bottle blowing machine,PET bottle blowing machine. The following is the market analysis.
Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemical industries with high quality and low cost, and are attracting many manufacturers to choose plastic containers to replace past glass containers. Now the plastic industry advanced equipment, mold and materials are all one by one show in front of us, new technologies, new applications after another, look at the field of plastic hollow molding is also fruitful. With the global oil prices continue to rise, plastic materials offer is also high, the development of low energy consumption, low cost of alternative products is one of the market trends.

Bottle blowing machine is a blow molding technology to produce plastic containers into hollow containers of equipment, and now commonly used types of machines are hollow blower, injection blow blow molding machine and the newly developed multi-layer hollow squeeze and stretch Blow molding.Today, most of the bottle blowing machines are still two-step blow molding machine, that must first make plastic materials made of preforms, and then blown. Today is the use of environmentally friendly plastic PET material. Blow Molding Machine: After the liquid plastic sprayed out, the use of the wind blown out of the machine, the plastic body will be attached to a certain shape of the cavity, and then made of products, this machine is called blow molding machine. Blow molding machine is also the type of blow molding machine, that is, hydraulic blow molding machine.
Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding of the tubular plastic parison, hot to join the mold, the mold immediately after the introduction of compressed air in the parison, the plastic parison inflated and close to the mold wall, By cooling stripping, that is, to get a variety of hollow products.

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