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The new semi-automatic 4 cavity PET Bottle Blowing Machine

On the traditional process,the semi-automatic machine is divided into two parts,blower and oven. Respectively, two machines.The shortcomings of this model is that the customer must manually put the preform manually,after heated then put the preform into the oven to blow bottle,finally get the bottle.The steps are numerous.Although the machine is stable, but the production of rigid requirements of customers,such cumbersome processes,It is difficult to meet customer requirements. Our latest model YC-2L-4 in this quarter is made in this innovation,simplification,in the embryo and take the bottle are taken on the automated design,the customer just blowing a process,Greatly improving the production efficiency.
On the issue of preform load automatic,in the semi-automatic machines should be done fine to do the principle of small,we built a feeder, because the external feeder to take on the words,the space will increase significantly,for some start-up customers,This design is cumbersome.So built-in more concise,more province area.
The preform enters the oven,we have the photoelectricity induction, guarantees the embryo smoothly enters the oven,the exit,the customer only needs to heat the good preform to enter the host,then blowing,simple and convenient.
My company in October sent to Yangon,Myanmar,one of this model,coincidentally,the customer name is Mr.Win, we used to call this order “Double Win” look forward to your next winner.

PET Bottle Making Machine

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

1、Device:With the continuous progress of science and technology and the scale of production, PET Bottle Blowing Machine automation is getting higher and higher, more and more high production efficiency. Equipment production capacity has been increasing from the previous production of thousands of bottles per hour to the current development of tens of thousands of bottles per hour. Operation from the past the manual button-style development for the now full computer control, greatly reducing the difficulty of the operation of the process, an increase of the stability of the process.
2、Preforms:Preform depends largely on the pros and cons of the pros and cons of PET material, should be easy to choose inflation, easy to shape the material, and to develop a reasonable preform molding process. Experiments show that the same viscosity of the PET material molding of the preform, the import of raw materials than domestic materials easily blow molding; and the same batch of preforms, different production dates, blow molding process may also be quite different. Preforms determine the advantages and disadvantages of the blow molding process is difficult, the requirements of the preform is pure, transparent, no impurities, no different color, the length of focus and around the halo appropriate.
3、 Heating:Preform heating by the heating oven to complete, the temperature set by the manual, automatic adjustment.Oven by the far-infrared lamp issued far infrared radiation on preform heating,the bottom of the fan by the oven thermal cycle,so that the oven temperature uniformity. Preform in the oven while moving forward rotation,the preform wall heat evenly.
4、Auxiliary and Die:Mainly refers to the auxiliary equipment to maintain mold temperature.Mold temperature to maintain the stability of the product plays an important role.General bottle temperature is high,the bottom temperature is low.For cold bottles,the temperature at the bottom of the bottle is much higher because the cooling effect at the bottom determines the degree of molecular orientation,and the temperature is controlled at 5-8 ° C.
5、Environment:Production environment is good or bad on the process adjustment also has a greater impact, a constant temperature conditions can maintain the stability of the process and product stability.PET Bottle Blowing Machine generally at room temperature,low humidity state is better.

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