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The technology development of PET bottle blowing machine

Beverage companies have two urgent needs for the PET bottle blowing machine. One is due to the continuous rise in plastic raw material prices, beverage companies all the time do not want to reduce the cost of packaging to achieve the maximum profit, so the need to use advanced PET bottle blowing machine to produce more weight Light bottles; the second is due to the ever-changing market changes, beverage manufacturers must be more and shorter beverage life cycle to make a flexible response, corresponding to the PET bottle production in the increasingly frequent product updates, The process needs to replace the mold time to a minimum. These two urgent needs to bottle blowing machine suppliers out of a no small problem.

Closed-loop technology refers to the process parameters of the connection calibration process in the stretch blowing machine control system to form a closed, automatic control and automatic adjustment of the combined production cycle. The intelligent machine control technology is designed to improve the quality assurance system of PET bottle blowing machine. The use of the AgrPETWallplus monitoring system allows monitoring of various data for preforms such as bottle wall thickness. At work, the data from the system rating will be immediately identified and this information will be sent to the control system of the bottle preform heating unit in time. The control system will quickly reflect and control the heating lamps in the heating furnace Of the rating. Therefore, even if the data of each bottle is different, the quality of the bottle produced is still stable and reliable when the initial setting process parameters remain unchanged.

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