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The working principle of Full automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Today,the development of Full automatic PET bottle blowing machine has been very advanced,most of the linear bottle blowing machine has the advantages of high efficiency,energy saving,reliability,etc..

Through the use of advanced microcomputer control system,man-machine touch panel,each part of the machine can be precisely controlled.First of all,the preform is placed in the feeding machine,and it will be sent to the machine inlet through the automatic upward conveying belt. Afterwards the track will run automatically,the perform is heated by a plurality of ovens,and finally,it can be softened to reach the best blowing state.Then,when it goes through the photoelectric detection switch,perform will enter the mold,stretching,blowing bottle in the mold .Then all the blown bottles will be removed by another robot hand.

PET Bottle Making Machine

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

A small preform,that is,after a few steps of transformation,and finally into our daily life in a variety of bottles.This bottle of knowledge,do you understand now?

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