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This paper introduces the production characteristic of bottle blowing machine and working principle

Bottle blowing machine is the biggest characteristic is to bake, and bottle blowing apart, accelerates the pace of bottle blowing, increased the production. As a linear bottle blowing machine this series of bottle blowing speed reached the leading domestic level, bottle blowing machine single-mode cavity out bottle rate of more than 1500 BPH, and one out of four cases out of the bottle rate can reach 4600 BPH. The bottle blowing machine adopts four template structure, accelerated the speed of the process, improve the yield, out of the bottle the four cavity than its previous PET series fully automatic bottle blowing machine more than 1600 bottles per hour. This machine adopts intelligent computer control design, more in place to protect the bottle blowing machine. A slight problem, smart systems will signal in a timely manner, giving automatic stop when necessary, to ensure the stability of the machine and service life.

Edible Oil Bottle Blowing Machine

Bottle blowing machine has the following features:
1, bake, and bottle blowing platform separately, to shorten the time of the mould, bottle blowing speed was increased, the increased production
2, compact design saves space, reduces the cost of investment, improve the competitiveness.
3, automatic transmission system.
4, advanced PLC control system, and simple control panel.
5, independent simple linear motion system.
6, heating system, temperature control is accurate, simple adjustment.
7, special air storage device.
8, the cooling system can achieve the ideal cooling effect.
9, every movement is driven by cylinder instead of oil pump, no pollution.
10 finished product scrap rate lower than 0.3%.

Bottle blowing machine machine working principle:
Plastic melt in screw extruder and quantitative extrusion, and then through the mouth of film forming, no wind cooling loop, and then have a tractor traction in a certain speed, winding machine winding roll, bottle blowing machine sales platform for professional produce plastic machinery, bottle blowing machine machine, bottle blowing machine machine, fully automatic bottle blowing machine machine, bucket of blower. Using both Japan PLC automatic control and digital control, accurate and reliable, simple, then, can make 1L–20L、25L–200L、200L–1200 civilian barrel, chemical food, medicine etc.

The advanced production equipment, standardized production management, strict quality supervision, perfect marketing system, make our factory in the “quality first, integrity first” spirit of enterprise under the guidance of growing up quickly. Adhering to the “pioneering and innovative, never-ending, excellence, the pursuit of perfection” the management idea, is committed to continuously develop new markets, develop new technologies, new products, with the development of plastic packaging industry pace, make contributions to the revitalization of national industry.

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