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YCQ-2L-4 Detail introduction of full automatic PET bottle blowing machine

The YCQ series is our company a stable two step blow down type automatic bottle blowing equipment, from a two to a six cavity cavity, each cavity speed of 1000 bottles per hour (500 ml plastic bottles), the maximum blowing 2L plastic bottles, soda bottles, suitable for any shape in blowing using PET as a raw material containing drink bottle, pure water bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottles of large caliber high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers.

The production process of YCQ series is fully automated. It has the advantages of saving investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance and safety.

he YCQ series uses a four plate clamping device to provide a powerful clamping force and improve the clamping speed. In addition to the four plate clamping device, and a pressurizing device, designed to enhance the clamping force, servo transmission system, high precision, high speed stability and good reliability gas blowing and action design will be divided into three parts, to meet the demand for blowing, the actions of different pressure with high pressure and double; arm link clamping, strong clamping force.

Automatic feeding machine for working efficiency, transportation is accurate, durable and reliable quality, and in the process of feeding raw materials without moisture, without pollution, without foreign bodies, no leakage, transported from the realization of the feeding process, to avoid the risk of aerial feeding, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.

YCQ linear bottle blows machine adopts advanced micro computer PLC control system, the performance is stable, the operation method has two ways of manual and automatic.

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